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The Peer Educator Research Internship allows students to enjoy an all expenses paid* 2 week internship in Israel over winter break and up to 3 weeks over the summer. The purpose of this internship is to enrich the campus community with Jewish students who have a deep and sophisticated understanding of Judaism, and are trained to educate their peers in their area of expertise. Jewish students will take classes on all aspects of Judaism but will specialize in one Jewish concept that they are passionate about. Students will have the opportunity to go back to university and become a peer educator.

Men: May 26 – June 15 2014
Women: May 26 – June 15 2014

The PERI group flights will be departing from, and returning to, JFK Airport, New York. Students are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation to and from JFK in accordance to flight times listed below. make sure you schedule enough time before/after your own travel. Flight extensions will be made possible upon acceptance to the program, at the cost of the student.


  • Will receive a free trip to Israel, free room and board, and a stipend of $200 in the winter, & up to $300 in the summer
  • Will have satisfied the prerequisite for certification to teach a Jewish topic of choice, such as Jewish ethics, the damage of gossip, judging favorably, Israel, or any approved Jewish idea.
  • Will be mentored and guided in their research by renowned scholars, authors, and Rabbis.
  • Will be required to write a paper and give a presentation on his/her area of specialty.
  • Will be required to present their topic to a class of peers as a peer educator upon return
  • There will be other leadership opportunities for outstanding interns

No Jewish educational background necessary.

Internships are two weeks long in the winter and up to three weeks long in the summer.

A personal nomination from the campus representative, an application form filled out online and then a phone or face to face interview from PERI staff will be required of all applicants. PERI is an international internship and a limited number of students are accepted.

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*Flight fare covered up to $1600 US


PERI is the proud sponsor of this dynamic 3 week learning program which includes a high level of Torah study, research internship, Jewish leadership training, and a peer education component.

For the student who has already been on an Israel learning trip, and/or has completed Maimonides 2 on campus.

Cost: $450 with Maimonides 2 voucher (includes flight)